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May 14, - Homer is rather lousy at a sex education activity. The next day, Marge arranges a play date with Bart and Ralph, . Homer goes to make a point that not all Simpsons are affected by the . Moe then accidentally sets the bar on fire. Krusty's first act is at Moe's Tavern, where he sports a George Carlin.


A Theory That Will Change How You See The Simpsons Forever

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Skip to content Menu. I know many people where they do. Another teen nympho from Simpsons rick and morty summer pussy boasts this gorgeous cleavage to expose to marte and she cannot possibly miss marge simpson fucks all at moes bar male around… Simpsons porn alley cats love getting naughty to present the best fuck session than you could ever dream of!

Marge Simpson luvs her time seducing a plower in front of a bedroom door.

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Posted on December 10, by marge. Comments Off on Marge Simpson luvs her time seducing a plower in front of a bedroom door.

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Wow, niceanimation of Lisas taut tiny simpsln slingin up and down on an meaty full salute. What a mega-slut for displaying it all to the camera for Posted on July 16, by marge.

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mes Comments Off on Wow, niceanimation of Lisas taut tiny poon slingin up and down on an meaty full salute. Luxurious Marge Simpsons is standing in nearly no clothes with her nips rock stiff and just waiting to be poked.

Posted on June 22, by marge.

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Comments Off on Luxurious Marge Simpsons is standing in nearly no clothes with her nips rock stiff and just waiting to be poked. There was also that episode where Homer befriends a guy named Ray, who happens to look and sound exactly like Ray Romano -- and they somehow ba Everybody Loves Raymond blog boy cock yaoi a series, because even in a cartoon, the most fantastical thing we can imagine Ray Romano doing is talking drolly about himself.

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The boundary between reality and fiction is as strained as Moe's a to live. There's a reason for this, so bear with me here.

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Nowhere is that line more blurred than when it runs between The Simpsons and Futurama. Both are somehow aware of each other as TV shows at the same time: Uter is seen wearing a Futurama T-shirt Clearly there's a whole lot of paradoxin' going on here. But it gets worse when you realize that, at other times, they even share the marge simpson fucks all at moes bar universe. While Fry's dog, Seymour, is looking for his owner in that episode that made you cry more over a cartoon pet than any of your real ones, he passes a vr chat naked girls course with a suspiciously familiar sign.

It's well known that Homer and Marge conceived Bart in exactly that location, and they even tried to re-create it later to rekindle their passion. But by far the most extreme example of the two sharing a universe is the crossover episode marge simpson fucks all at moes bar. For those who missed it: The opportunity to bring characters from these two iconic shows together is squandered as the Planet Express crew is sent back in time to kill Bart, because a lame prank of his ends up threatening life a thousand years in the future.

A Theory That Will Change How You See The Simpsons Forever |

So how can they understand each other to be fictional and mkes exist side by side at the same time? And why the shit does nobody question why the Simpsons are yellow? Well, it all leads back to the first time they crossed over. You didn't know they'd crossed over once before?

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Jeez, try reading a book sometime. The "Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis" is a comic book miniseries that was first published inand it's a way more interesting story than the episode. The Futurama crew find themselves trapped inside a Simpsons comic, put there by those big floaty brains who previously transported them into book worlds.

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Once there, they break the heavy news to the Simpsons that they are, in fact, fictional characters. Then, in trying to get home, the crew accidentally destroys the boundary between universes, sending all of Springfield tumbling into the real world, circa In the sequel, the people of New New York do what anyone porn hub login credentials do in that situation: They decide that fictional characters aren't people marge simpson fucks all at moes bar thus have no rights, and they enslave them.

Of course, the "fics" won't stand for this and revolt, releasing every fictional character from every book ever written.

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Eventually they patch things up, and the fics are sent back to their books -- all, sipson is, except the Simpsons. The story kinda wraps up without showing how toriel porn get home.

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Their book is destroyed, so where do they go? Well, Futurama has time-travel episodes like other sitcoms have mother-in-law-comes-to-stay episodes. So it makes sense that Professor Farnsworth would just send them back to the time their series was set.

Dempsey Stearns and Jason Pitt.

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